• Seventh Grade Boys Learn About DNA and Blood Typing

    The seventh grade students were treated to a fabulous hands-on enrichment activity. The Georgia State University Bio Bus came to speak to the students about DNA electrophoresis including finger printing and blood typing.

  • Kindergarten Students Master the Aleph Beis

    The kindergarten students celebrated with a siyum to mark the milestone event of having learned the entire Hebrew alphabet.

  • TDSA Middle School Students Spend a Day at BizTown

    The students learned all about real life...working as a CEO, managing a bank account, examining business reports and more!

  • TDSA and TIKI (Tools I Keep Inside)

    Students are acknowledged at morning line-up for positive, pro-social behavior during recess as part of the TIKI program.

  • The Sixth Grade Classes Build Terrariums

    Building a terrarium using proper drainage materials, planting mediums, and plant selection, the students are enlighted about the life cycle of plants. 

  • Fifth Grade Girls Enjoy Learning the Domino Theory!

    Learning can be so much fun when you "eat" your history lessons.

  • At TDSA You Will See... 

    ...dedicated teachers and eager-to-learn students, hands-on activities and enriching activities. Beautiful artwork created by the students, hi-tech computer classes, beautiful davening and Torah learning, and more. It's not just reading, writing, and arithmetic.

  • Fourth Grade Students Go Back In History

    The fourth grade students researched a favorite person in history and then got to become them for a day! They happily shared their new knowledge with their peers.

TDSA Music Video

premiered at the 2014 Main Event!


TDSA Offers Sports Camp for Boys and Girls Ages 8-14 in July and August.                                     

Campions are made in the offseason. This sumer, allow your child to reach their potential with a TDSA Basketball or Soccer Camp! Have fun, be safe, and become a better athlete. Torah Day School is happy to announce two sports camps for the 2014 Summer. Here's more information and to register.                                                



Order delicious kosher wines through kosherwine.com to enhance your Shabbos and holidays. Great selection and fabulous prices. When you order here, 5% of your order goes to support TDSA! Thank you so much for thinking of us.

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School is starting soon. Please come see the reading, 'rithmetic, and ruach throughout TDSA's halls! Call Mrs. Leslee Morris at 404.982.0800 ext. 100 to set up a tour.

Torah Day School of Atlanta would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family. After opening its doors in the fall of 1985, TDSA has continued to build upon its commitment to teach, nurture, and support Jewish students and their families in Atlanta, Georgia. Please continue to browse through our website to learn even more about the education and culture of our school.

Torah Day School of Atlanta is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities for Shabbat and Yom Tov Candlelighting Magnet

Keeping up with Atlanta candlelighting times is made easy with TDSA's annual "Magnet Campaign". Limited sponsorship is available for this convenient-to-place refernce tool. Click here for advertising form. Here is how to become a SPONSOR!


Dr. Sarah Levy, TDSA's Counseling Coordinator

Dr. Levy is now educating parents and teachers alike, with her Take One SEL Minute video series. Stay tuned to learn about the implementation and exploring of our Social and Emotional Learning initiatives. Videos with different subjects will be posted throughout the year. This video is about how to identify the difference between passive, aggressive, and assertive behavior.


Sponsoring a day of learning is a meaningful way of marking an event, yahrzeit, anniversary, to wish a speedy recovery, or any other ackowledgement. To sponsor a day of learning, click here.



Sunday, February 23, 2014 proved to be a magical night! Watch for details for next year's main event!


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