Giving Opportunities

Annual Campaign

Approximately 75% of TDSA's operational fundraising needs are satisfied by our Annual Campaign. Learn more.

Day of Learning

You may sponsor the learning of over three hundred fifty students for one day at TDSA. Sponsorship may include for the memory of a loved one, a refuah sheleimah (speedy recovery), or to show your appreciation or gratefulness for a simcha or special occasion, or for any reason you would like. We announce at morning line up that the day’s Torah study will be for that purpose and we also send an email to the entire community letting them know about the Day of Learning. A full day’s sponsorship is $180. Learn more.

Building Fund

Perhaps you would like to purchase a mezuzah, a doorway, or even name the building. There are many options.


The Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program has become a critical source of financial support for children at Torah Day School. This program, established in 2008, allows individual taxpayers and certain corporations to redirect their taxes to a scholarship fund for Torah Day School students. Both taxpayers and corporations may take a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for their contributions, making the program practically cost free to donors. Learn more.

TDSA Endowment

TDSA is in year one of a three-year legacy and endowment building program to help the future sustainability of Torah education in Atlanta. We have a dynamic and growing committee of dedicated lay leaders and staff who are following a strategic work plan to raise both endowment awareness and funds for the school. A strong Endowment and Legacy Campaign will allow us to operate from a place of strength. With a robust endowment, TDSA can generate funds to enhance the facility and programming in ways we can’t even imagine. Every single Endowment Committee member has committed to giving an endowment and/or legacy gift and we have already secured several leadership gifts. 

For more information about supporting our school, please contact Marcy Kalnitz at (404) 982-0800 ext. 101 or