Social/ Emotional Resources

Rabbi Shalom Yosef Horowitz and Mrs. Bracha Schulgasser meet with the kindergarten through fifth grade students weekly to bring hands-on and relevant strategies and practice of key social/emotional skills into the classroom. Engaging the students with age appropriate and interactive lessons, the students are developing greater self-awareness, tools for self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and skills in responsible decision-making. These key components are integrated into the weekly curriculum--life-skills that can benefit the students on all levels, academically, socially and emotionally. Rabbi Horowitz and Mrs. Schulgasser also collaborate with the administrative team and classroom teachers to support small groups' and individual students' social/emotional needs.

Club Fun

Club Fun is a fantastic opportunity to work on a variety of different social skills in a small group setting. Skills include: sportsmanship, appropriate communication, conversation skills, important friendship skills, joining in with friends, and most importantly a place to have positive and affirming peer experiences. The small group size of 4-6 students (divided based on age and gender) allow individual goals to be set and for individual student coaching as needed.